The Judicial Services Division encompasses court security and the civil section.  The bailiffs ensure the safety of all personnel at the courthouse and work closely with the Judges to maintain proper decorum in the court proceedings.  The civil deputies and the clerks facilitate the service of civil process.





Captain Chuck Brewington began his Law Enforcement Career in 1990 first with the High Springs Police Department in High Springs, Florida. He then began to serve the citizens of Columbia County with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office in 1991 as a Deputy Sheriff.

During his career with the Sheriff’s Office, Captain Brewington has held many positions including Patrol Deputy, Field Training Deputy, K9 Deputy, K9 Sergeant, Marine/Dive Deputy, Dive/Marine Commander, Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Special Services Sergeant to include School Resources, Patrol Lieutenant, Judicial Lieutenant and Communications Lieutenant. Captain Brewington has worked in every Division of the Sheriff’s Office to include the Corrections Division, with the exception of the current Finance Division. Captain Brewington has been in charge of and assisted with many Special Projects and Purchases within the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. He has also coordinated and assisted with coordinating efforts of Natural Disasters and Major Incidents that have occurred within Columbia County.

Captain Brewington was honored to be selected as the “Deputy of the Year” by his peers in 1998 and Awarded the Medal of Honor in 2004. Captain Brewington has received numerous Certificates and Letters of Appreciation during his tenure with the Columbia County Sheriff’s.

In 2012, he was promoted to the rank of Captain by Sheriff Mark Hunter. He was assigned to the Investigations Division as the Investigations Division Director. There he managed Investigations, Evidence, Records, Crime Scene, Warrants and the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force. In 2015, he was assigned the Judicial Division as the First stand alone Judicial Division Director. The Judicial Division includes the Court Security Deputy’s and Civil Process Deputy’s and the Civil Clerks.

Captain Brewington possesses Specialized Training within most aspects of Law Enforcement.


The Court Security Deputy’s strive to provide a high degree of courteous and professional security to all persons whether involved in or just visiting the Judicial System within Columbia County. The Court Deputy’s are charged with maintaining proper courtroom decorum and procedure during the various proceedings coming before five judges and three hearing officers currently assigned to Columbia County. This includes assisting with the safety of judicial personnel, assistants, courthouse facility personnel along with the general public.

No Weapons of any type are allowed to be in the Columbia County Courthouse. Each visitor is screened through a comprehensive security station upon entry within. Anyone carrying a firearm into the Courthouse will be arrested per Florida State Statute 790.06 (12).


The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process is responsible for receiving, processing and serving or executing all judicial process received by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. The Civil Process carries out the responsibility of the sheriff, per Florida State Statute, the service of civil process, which includes:

  • Service of Subpoenas
  • Summonses
  • Other non-enforceable civil process

Execution of Enforceable Civil Process to include:

  • Writs of Possession
  • Writs of Replevin
  • Writs of Execution
  • Execution of Child Custody Orders
  • Service of Temporary
  • Final Injunctions for Protection

Each step in the civil process is extremely important. We word diligently to ensure that all laws have been addressed and adhered to throughout the process. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office receives approximately 6000 request for process to be served per year. A detailed case management system enables Civil Process to efficiently administer process serving and execution of civil writs. A large portion of the overall effectiveness within the judicial system is dependent upon this sections efficient and expeditious service of these as well as many other types of civil process.


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