The Mission Statement of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is to provide the highest quality criminal investigative support to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations. Motivated only by a search for the truth, CID Detectives will search out and collect all available evidence surrounding each case to exonerate the innocent and substantiate the culpability of the guilty.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of multiple units that assist local, state and federal government agencies by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating criminal intelligence information throughout the state and nation to support criminal investigations.


Captain Robert Holloway has been a member of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office since December 1992, and has served in every Law Enforcement division of the Sheriff’s Office. As a Sergeant, he supervised the Civil Section of the Judicial Services Division, and as Lieutenant, he supervised the Patrol Division. Captain Holloway is the Commander of the Crisis Negotiations Team and is a graduate of the 2016 Florida Sheriff’s Institute Commanders Academy. Captain Holloway is a Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner since 2013 and licensed FAA UAV pilot with the Sheriff’s Office UAV Program. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.


Detectives conduct a broad spectrum of criminal investigations to include deaths, sexual assault, armed robbery, burglaries, fraud, computer crimes and theft. The men and women of the Criminal Investigations Division earn the reputation of being tenacious and highly skilled Detectives. We are proud of the work they produce every day.

Detectives are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on a rotational basis, to respond to emergency investigative needs but are normally available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to provide assistance when needed.


The Crime Scene Unit identifies, collects, preserves and conducts examinations of physical evidence recovered at crime scenes, accident locations and other investigations. The members of the unit are trained on the use of alternate light sources, scientific chemical testing, advanced photography techniques, advanced fingerprint lifting techniques, and latent print examination. The unit can process any crime scene from a minor incident to major homicide.


The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force is a multi-agency task force that is primarily used to identify and arrest individuals or criminal organizations in the sale and distribution of illegal or controlled substances. The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, originated in 1997, is comprised of Sheriff’s Office Detectives and officers from other local, State and Federal Agencies. Information comes from members of the general public and other informants which allow the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force to fight the war on drugs in Columbia County. The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force would not be effective without the help provided by the community. If you have any information regarding narcotics activity, you may contact the Drug Task Force at (386) 754-7043 or by sending an anonymous tip through the following link


The function of the Special Investigations Section is to protect the integrity of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and its personnel, both sworn and non-sworn.

A proper relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Columbia County fostered by confidence and trust is essential to effective law enforcement. Sheriff’s personnel must be free to exercise their best judgment and to initiate action in a reasonable, lawful, impartial manner without fear of reprisal. At the same, they must observe the rights of all people.

This system of complaint and disciplinary procedures not only subjects the officer to corrective action when they conduct their self improperly, but also protects them from unwarranted criticism when they discharge their duties properly.


The Warrants Section is currently comprised of one full-time Deputy. The primary responsibility of the Warrants Deputy is to locate and arrest persons sought on misdemeanor and felony warrants and other criminal process issued within the circuit court of Columbia County. The priority is on felony warrants and related criminal process. The Deputy also locates and arrests fugitives who are wanted in other jurisdictions that seek refuge in Columbia County. You can anonymously provide information on a person who has an active warrant by clicking on this link


The Victim Advocate Unit aims to be the first source of help to victims of crime. As advocates, it is our goal to provide the best possible service to those who are in need. Victims of crime have rights too. This unit is available on a 24 hour basis to respond to the needs of victims of crime in Columbia County. They are often one of the first to respond to a crime scene to assist victims, their families, and survivors.

Our Victim Advocate can assist in many ways:

  • Provide emotional and moral support
  • Act as a liaison between victim, deputies, detectives, and community-based agencies
  • Identify and inform victims of their rights under the law
  • Educate law enforcement and victims of new laws pertaining to specific victimization
  • Provide information about professional counseling and support groups
  • Offer assistance with filing crime victim’s compensation to help with lost wages, medical, counseling, and funeral expenses
  • Help prepare victims for court injunction hearings, provide court advocacy and accompaniment
  • Referrals to emergency shelter and safety planning.
  • Provide information regarding current status of cases
  • Help victims file for an injunction